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We guarantee to start within 48 hours and onboard an interim product manager within 2 weeks.

We are ready to start within 48 hours to deliver value and create positive outcomes to your business. The onboarding of a new product manager is completed within two weeks. When permanent product manager is ready to take over we help her to get in charge within weeks.

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Our simple 3-Step Process

Here's how it works

ProductImpact team has worked out a proven process of delivering value to our Clients. 

Step 1

Interim product manager Onboarding

For fast growing companies each day counts. Knowing that, we created the onboarding process which allows our interim product managers to deliver value already in 2 weeks.

Step 2

Iterative product discovery and delivery

The Product Impact product manager as a service is always available for the Client. We help your team to develop digital products that positively change user behavior and bring desired business outcomes. Our wide network and cooperation experience allows your organization to get expertise not only in product management but also in related fields like user research, product design and software development.

Step 3

Smooth Handover

Our interim product manager creates product documentation and a handover checklist to assure a permanent product manager quickly step in. A new product manager will be able to make product related decisions already in 2 weeks. 

Our clients

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Case studies

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mYTIER: From uX discovery to 1200+ subscriptions within 6 months


TIER Mobility is Europe's leading shared micro-mobility provider with its headquarter in Germany, operated in 100+ cities across 19 countries in Europe and the Middle East.

The results

myTIER was brought to the market after 6 months of hard work building a product-service system. Strong sales numbers in Germany proved the product to be demanded, so myTIER received additional investments to buy a stock of scooters and gross € 3 mln in 2022. 


"Thanks a lot, Ana and Roman!

It's been a pleasure to work with you. Throughout the whole journey of discussions and made iterations we finally have a very promising product.

Thanks for your contribution to this on a short notice, the patience and enthusiasm you paired to make this happen!"

Matthias Wilrich

VP Vehicles & Supply Chain at TIER Mobility

"Thank you both for all you hard work and the complete handover for the new product lead. It has been great having you part of the team, especially getting to know you both at the offsite event in Budapest"

Georgina Smallwood

CPO at TIER Mobility


TIER Mobility AG




Product Launched In 2 Countries Within 6 Months


Bas Liethoff

"We have build a product strategy together and it took us three months to launch the product"

Doxy.Me: New marketplace Created and 5000 customers Served in 90 days


Doxy.me is a simple and secure telemedicine solution available in the US, Canada and Mexico. More than 10 million patience are using Doxy.me to get in touch with medical specialists.

The results

Marketplace which allowed to bring third-party products to Doxy.me platform was piloted and launched. Additional extensions such as interpretation service, whiteboard and closed captions were tested, built and launched. 


Doxy.me Inc.




New B2B products launched 

CPO and    


Dylan Turner

"They can teach you about the best practices"

ImmoScout24: Product team of 3 Product managers established in 3 months

Client: ImmoScout24 is the most popular real estate marketplace in Germany. ImmoScout24 marketplace hosts 100 000 real estate listings. 

The results

The Product Impact expert has been working for six months as Lead Product Manager in a product team of Consumer Journey department at ImmoScout24. The primary task was to reorganize the work of a product team and hand it over to a newly hired team leader and two product managers. In addition, we helped to launch and scale an innovative digital service for deposits, contributed to subscription business optimization & growth and fostered rapid product learnings through setting up experimentation culture in the team.


ImmoScout24 GmbH


Real Estate


Product team established

Director of Consumer Products

Daniel Hendel
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