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From UX Discovery To 1200+
Subscriptions Within 6 Months

MyTIER: New E-Scooter Leasing Business


TIER Mobility is Europe’s leading shared micro-mobility provider with its headquarter in Germany, operated in 100+ cities across 19 countries in Europe and in the Middle East.

The Product Impact team was hired to launch mobile apps for myTIER product in April 2021. After the initial audit, it was clear that mobile apps are just a part of the required solution to implement the product vision of launching a long-term rental business model for electric vehicles. In parallel with UX discovery and developing an iOS app, we conducted the research to select a white-label product for managing operations, fulfillment, and subscription services. myTIER long-term rental offering discloses €3 mln in annual revenue. 

The Aim Of The Pilot Was To:

  • Gain experience with the new business model
  • Gain insights into required investments and efficiency to be achieved
  • Retain riders who live out of business zone
  • Meet the customers’ demand and reach the financial targets

The Results

This project lasted from April 2021 until February 2022, finishing when a full-time employee joined to take over product role. We made sure the new Product Lead onboarded fast and had all the support she needed.


  1. Validated business model in 2 markets: Germany and Norway.
  2. Gained 1200+ customers during the first 4 months of the off-season operations.
  3. Came up with a pricing strategy and USP as the result of UX discovery.
  4. Identified success metrics & product KPIs and came up with initiatives to drive the results.
  5. Developed iOS app that implemented BLE connectivity for two scooter models.
  6. Launched e-commerce Shopify websites for 2 markets.
  7. Integrated a white-label fulfillment solution to manage operations, subscriptions, payments and orders. 
  8. Validated integration with Adyen payment service provider.
  9. Added PayPal as a payment method that was used by more than 50% of customers.
  10. Created failed payments workflow & decreased failed payments number by 20% in the first 2 weeks.


TIER Mobility AG




Product Launched In 2 Countries Within 6 Months


Bas Liethoff

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